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Eosin Y, Ion pairing agent, Spectrofluorimetry, commercial dosage forms


Globally, dyes are widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, textile, cosmetics, plastics, leather, paint, ink and paper industries. Eosin is an acidic orange-pink dye and has very strong staining properties. Haematoxylin and eosin Y (H&E) combination is the most common staining and primary diagnostic technique in histo-pathological laboratories. This review mainly discussed the utility of eosin dye in quality control laboratories as an ion pairing agent for drug analysis. Eosin Y is one the most common ion pairing agent and its mono and di anionic forms of eosin Y are capable of interacting with many drug molecules to form colored/fluorescent binary or ternary complexes that can be analyzed with or without extraction by spectrofluorimetry and/or spectrophotometry. Quenching fluorescence and advantages of spectrofluorimetry over spectrophotometry were also discussed. Fluorescence detection greatly enhances the sensitivity and providing a sensitive and relatively inexpensive instrumental method of analysis using eosin Y for various important drugs in pure, commercial dosage forms and biological fluids


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