Abirami T., Alen Godfrey R. Jose, Bavani Govindarajulu, Karthikeyan J.


Objective: Nanotechnology an advanced tool to synthesis atomic level particles. Increased application of silver nanoparticles results in the bioaccumulation of these particles in the environment. The biological effect of the green synthesized silver nanoparticles on the fresh water cat fish ws studied in the present study.

Methods: Asystasia gangetica leaf extract was used to synthesize silver nanoparticles, the particles were characterized by scanning electron microscopy. Fifteen days after the introduction of fishes into the medium containing AgNPs, the fishes were sacrificed and the tissues were processed for biochemical and histological studies. Na+-K+-ATPase was estimated using LeBel method. Estimation of carbohydrate was done by the Phenol-sulphuric acid method. Total protein was estimated using Lowry’s method, Sulpho-Vanilline method was used to estimate the total lipids.

Results: The results observed in the present study reveals a marked difference in the level of carbohydrate in the muscle tissue from 48.338±0.320 to 22.747±1.837 µg/100 mg wet tissue followed by gills and liver with 41.21% and 25.48% decrease. Total protein content was decreased from 649.094±1.429 to 491.56±0.925 µg/mg wet tissues. The drastic increase in the total lipids was observed in liver tissue of treated fishes from 0.240±0.004 to 0.408±0.005 mg/gm wet tissue. Na+-K+-ATPase activity of liver tissue increased from 0.153±0.001 to 0.225±0.003 in the liver tissue of treated fishes, followed by muscles and gills with 33.61% and 35% of the increase in the activity. Marked changes in the structure of gills with degenerated primary gill lamellae, necrosis, hyperplasia and fused primary lamellae were evident in experimental group. Necrosis, vacuolization, disintegrated nucleus and blood sinusoids were observed in liver tissues. Disintegration of myofibrils was evident in AgNP treated group of fishes.

Conclusion: The plant-mediated synthesized AgNPs shows a potential toxic effect on all the tissues studied; changes were observed in the normal architecture of tissues as well as in the biochemical parameters. To understand the mechanism of toxicity of these particles further studies at the molecular level has to be carried out.


Asystasia gangetica, Silver nanoparticles, Mystus gulio, Na+-K+-ATPase

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Asystasia gangetica, Silver nanoparticles, Mystus gulio, Na+-K+-ATPase





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Abirami T.
Department of Zoology, Presidency College (Autonomous), Chennai, India

Alen Godfrey R. Jose
Department of Zoology, Presidency College(Autonomous), Chennai, India

Bavani Govindarajulu
2Deartment of Zoology, Queen Mary’s College(Autonomous), Chennai, India

Karthikeyan J.
1Department of Zoology, Presidency College(Autonomous), Chennai, India

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