• Manasi B. Kulkarni Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Niramay, Shree Chanakya Education Society’s Indira College of Pharmacy, New Pune-Mumbai Highway, Tathwade, Pune 411033
  • Anagha M. Joshi Principal, SCES's Indira College of Pharmacy, Tathawade, Pune.
  • Rohini V. Patil Alard College of Pharmacy, Hinjewadi, Pune


Objective: HPTLC Method for Simultaneous quantification of co-enzyme Q10 and α-tocopherol in bulk and capsule dosage form was developed and validated as per International Conference on Harmonization [(ICH) Q2 (R1)] guideline.

Methods: The chromatograms were developed using a mobile phase of Toluene: ethyl acetate: chloroform (10:1:2 v/v/v) on Pre-coated silica 60F 254 plates and quantified by densitometric absorbance mode at 280 nm.

Results: The Rf values were 0.77 and 0.87 for co-enzyme Q10 and α-tocopherol, respectively. The linearity of the method was found to be in the concentration range of 0.6µg-1.8 µg/band for α-tocopherol and 2 µg-6 µg/band for co-enzyme Q10. The limits of detection and quantification were 0.3154 and 0.9559 µg/band for α-tocopherol and 3.441 and 10.42 µg/band for co-enzyme Q10.

Conclusion: Developed densitometric method was found to be robust, precise, accurate, and rapid and can be used to analyse fixed-dose capsule samples of co-enzyme Q10 and α-tocopherol.

Keywords: co-enzyme Q10, α-tocopherol, HPTLC, Validation, ICH Q2 (R1)


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