• B. Arirudran Department of Biochemistry, SRM Arts and Science College, Kattankulathur, Kanchipuram district, Tamil Nadu - 603203
  • B. Janani Department of Biochemistry, SRM Arts and Science College, Kattankulathur, Kanchipuram district, Tamil Nadu - 603203
  • U. S. Mahadeva Rao School of Basic Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Sultan ZainalAbidin, Terengganu


Objective: The objective of the present research work had been made to evaluate the antioxidant potential along with anti-cancer activity of methanolic extracts from the leaf of A. marmelos.

Methods: Standard methods for antioxidant potential in terms of DPPH and nitric oxide scavenging assay, and anticancer activity in vitro method (Cytotoxicity/MTT assay and % of cell viability) by using MCF7 cell line.

Results: Results of antioxidant efficacy revealed that the IC50 value for DPPH and nitric oxide scavenging assay was considered to be 62.032%, and 20.69% respectively. The methanolic extract of A. marmelos was found to possess enhanced anticancer potential against MCF7 cells. Cytotoxicity activity of MCF7 cells, when treated with methanolic extract of A. marmelos, was found to be 43.42% at 25µg, 52.31% at 50µg, 56.31% at 75µg, 58.38% at 100µg, 62.25% at 125µg. The IC50 value was found as 49.36µg. Toxicity was significantly increased with increased concentration and viability significantly decreased with the increased concentration of methanolic extract of leaf from A. marmelos for MCF7 cell when compared to cyclophosphamide.

Conclusion: From the studies, it was postulated that methanolic extract of leaf from A. marmeloshas significant chemopreventive activity. These specific identities will be useful for the identification and authentication of raw drug.

Keywords: Aeglemarmelos, Antioxidants, Anticancer, DPPH, MCF7 Cells


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