Objective: The aim of present study was to prepare nanostructured lipid carriers (NLCs) based Triamcinolone acetonide (TA).

Methods: Nanostructured lipid carriers (NLCs) consisted of solid lipid and liquid lipid are a new type of lipid nanoparticles, prepared by using solvent diffusion and high pressure homogenization methods, which offer the advantage of improved drug loading capacity and release properties. Glyceryl monostearate selected as the solid lipid, capmul MCM C8 as the liquid lipid, polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) as the surfactant. NLCs dispersion was characterized by particle size analysis, zeta potential, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), differential scanning calorimetry, and an in vitro release study.

Results: Optimized NLCs loaded with TA were exhibited spherical shape with particle size 286.1 nm, polydispersity index 0.317, zeta potential-21.9 mV and entrapment efficiency 86.19% respectively. The result of differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) showed that drug was dispersed in NLCs in a crystalline state. In vitro release studies revealed that drug release of optimized batch was 8.34 % and 88.84% at 1h and 8h respectively. The release kinetics of the optimized NLCs best fitted the peppas-korsmeyer model. Furthermore, morphological investigations by SEM showed that optimized batch exhibit a spherical shape and a smooth surface.

Conclusion: Thus, the results indicated that successfully prepared TA-loaded NLCs and could potentially be exploited as a carrier with improved drug loading capacity and sustained drug release. The present results demonstrated that these systems could be a promising platform for inflammatory diseases, in particular for psoriasis topical therapy.

Keywords: Triamcinolone acetonide, Solvent diffusion method, Nanostructured lipid Carrier, Corticosteroid, Factorial design


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