Perceptions of patients' care givers regarding clinical pharmacists and their practice in a developing countryPERCEPTIONS OF PATIENTS' CARE GIVERS REGARDING CLINICAL PHARMACISTS AND THEIR PRACTICE IN A DEVELOPING COUNTRY

  • Atta Abbas Clifton Hospital
  • Amna Shah Clifton Hospital, Karachi
  • Nabeel Khan Clifton Hospital, Karachi
  • Hira Nasir Clifton Hospital, Karachi
  • Muhammad Hassan Khan Clifton Hospital, Karachi


Objective: The aim of the study was to report the perception of the care givers of the patients who have come across clinical pharmacists in their treatment course in a developing country like Pakistan.

Methods: A cross sectional survey was conducted in leading tertiary health care settings of Pakistan from March 2013 to November 2013 which targeted the care givers of patients treated in those health care settings. Prior to handing the questionnaire the care givers of patients were informed and a written consent was obtained. The responses of the patients were documented and analyzed by SPSS v 20. Their perceptions were tested with chi square test for association and significance was accepted at p-value <0.05.

Results: A total of 294 questionnaires were given to patients' care givers out of which 200 consented to participate and returned filled questionnaires giving a response rate of 68%. Majority (65%) appeared to be aware of pharmaceutical care/ clinical pharmacy services. Association existed between the awareness and perception of it having an impact (p-value <0.01) and clinical pharmacist promoting cost effectiveness in therapy (p-value <0.05). Association existed between awareness and care givers' personal experience with a clinical pharmacist resolving any medication therapy related issue during treatment (p-value <0.01). Finally, the awareness with opinion regarding the role of clinical pharmacists in the health care system was also found to be significant. (P-value <0.01)

Conclusion: The care givers of the patients who are aware of clinical pharmacy practice and clinical pharmacists have the very positive perception regarding the services and its impact on the health care system.


Keywords: Perception, Patient, Care givers, Clinical Pharmacist, Tertiary care, Pakistan


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Author Biography

Atta Abbas, Clifton Hospital
Department of Pharmacy


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