• PINKEY RAWAL Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, East West College of Pharmacy, Bangalore 560091
  • RAMESH C. Department of Pharmacology, East West College of Pharmacy, Bangalore 560091
  • SOMA PRAMANIK Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, East West College of Pharmacy, Bangalore 560091




Tephrosia villosa, Anti-ulcer activity, Ethanol, Aspirin Ulcer index, pH, Total acidity, Percentage inhibition and percentage of protected area


Objective: The present research work was designed to investigate the gastroprotective potentials of methanol extract of Tephrosia villosa.

Methods: The aerial parts of Tephrosia villosa were dried under shade, powdered and deffated with petroleum ether and then marc leftover was subjected to methanol extraction using soxhlet apparatus using soxh-let apparatus. Antiulcer activity of methanol extract was determined against stress-induced and aspirin-induced ulcers in experimental animal models. The total number of ulcers formed, ulcer index, percentage inhibition, ulcerated area, protected area, pH and Total acidity were parameters in the study.

Results: Methanol extract of Tephrosia villosa at medium (200 mg/kg) and high (200 mg/kg) could significantly (P<0.01) reduced the total number of ulcers formed, ulcer index, ulcerated area and total acidity in therapeutic groups compared to vehicle control and thereby significantly (P<0.01) increased percentage inhibition of ulcers and protected area which was evident by the significant rise in pH of gastric content. The effect of extracts was dose-dependent and results were comparable to that of standard drug omeprazole.

Conclusion: The results obtained from the present work suggest that the methanol extract of Tephrosia villosa possess significant anti-ulcer potentials against experimentally induced ulcers in albino rats.


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