buoyant tablets of Glipizide

  • DALAPATHI GUGULOTHU Balaji Institute of Pharmaceutical sciences



Objective: The objective of the study is to explore polysaccharide mucilages of Colocasia esculenta (CE) and Fenugreek (FG) as buoyancy enhancing agents and mucoadhesive agents by developing gastroretentive floating tablets of Glipizide.

Methods: The floating tablets of Glipizide were developed by using CE and FG alone and in combination with Guar gum (GG) and HPMC K4M by direct compression technique. The developed formulations were subjected to evaluation of in-vitro buoyancy study, in-vitro drug release study (pH 1.2) and in-vitro bioadhesiveness study. Therefore, final optimized formulation was subjected to FTIR, DSC and XRD study.

Results: The results of buoyancy study for formulation F1, F2 and F5 revealed that the instant floating lag time, floating time duration of 1 h and exhibited 100% drug release in 4 h. Therefore, the formulations developed with GG (F3) and HPMC K4M (F4) have been  exhibited slow floating lag time, prolonged floating duration and drug released up to 100 % in 12 h, while; formulations F6,  F7, F8 and F9 have been exhibited shortest floating lag time, longest floating time duration, best drug released up to 12 h and better in-vitro bioadhesiveness property.  Furthermore, F7 exhibited good bioadhesive property as compared to F6, F8-F9.  The results of the FTIR, DSC and XRD study for F7 revealed that the presence of functional groups and amorphous in character.

Conclusions: Owing to the anticipated properties like biocompatibility, biodegradability, swelling ability and cost effectiveness of CE; it could be the potential macromolecule for the replacement of synthetic polymers.


Keywords: Buoyant tablets, Glipizide, In-vitro bioadhesive test, polysaccharide mucilages, sustained drug release.


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