• SAMEER H. SAWANT Department of Pharmacology, STES Sinhgad Institute of Pharmacy, Near SKN Medical College, Narhe, Maharashtra, Pune, India 411041
  • AYESHA MUJAWAR Department of Pharmacology, STES Sinhgad Institute of Pharmacy, Near SKN Medical College, Narhe, Maharashtra, Pune, India 411041



Migraine, Abroma augusta L., Nitroglycerin, Bradykinin, Hyperalgesia model


Objective: The present study aimed to evaluate of antimigraine activity of methanolic extract of Abroma augusta L. leaves in laboratory animals.

Methods: The antimigraine activity was evaluated against nitroglycerine (NTG, 10 mg·kg−1, i. p.) and bradykinin (BK, 10 µg, intra-arterial) induced hyperalgesia in rats. Rats were divided randomly into six groups: normal, control, standard (sumatriptan, 42 mg·kg−1, s. c.), and Abroma augusta L. (100,200 and 400 mg·kg−1, p. o.). In the nitroglycerin (NTG) induced hyperalgesia model, rats were pre-treated with standard drug sumatriptan and Abroma augusta L. for 0, 7 and 14 d and tail flick latency were recorded separately in 0-day, 7-day and 14-day pretreatment study. Brain serotonin concentration was also estimated by HPLC method at the end of the study. In bradykinin induced hyperalgesia model the number of vocalizations were recorded as a measure of hyperalgesia in rats.

Results: Abroma augusta L. showed a significant (P<0.001) elevation in the tail-flick latency (at dose 400 mg·kg−1) and body weight (at doses 100, 200, and 400 mg·kg−1) in NTG-induced hyperalgesia model in rats. Further, A. augusta L. (400 mg/kg) showed a significant (P<0.001) increase in brain serotonin concentration compared to NTG control group animal. It showed a significant (P<0.01, P<0.001) reduction in the elevated number of vocalizations at doses (200 and 400 mg·kg−1) in the bradykinin-induced hyperalgesia model in rats.

Conclusion: We concluded that the methanolic extract of Aroma augusta L. possessed an anti-migraine effect in nitroglycerine and bradykinin-induced hyperalgesia model in rats.


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