• Nikhil N Godbole Modern College of Pharmacy
  • Upendra C Galgatte Department of Pharmaceutics, Modern College of Pharmacy, Sector 21, Yamunanagar, Nigdi, Pune 411044, Maharashtra, India
  • Pravin D Chaudhari Modern College of Pharmacy


Anti-cancer, 5-fluorouracil, Nanoparticles, Quantum dots, Targeted drug delivery


Objective: The present study was aimed to develop and evaluate quantum dots (QDs) as a carrier for delivery of 5-fluorouracil (5-FU).

Methods: This research work includes a synthesis, characterization and in vitro study of 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) QDs. Zinc oxide QDs were synthesized, and the drug was loaded on them. These QDs were further coated with Eudragit E PO to achieve drug release only at the acidic pH range as well as to overcome release of drug in the formulation vehicle itself.

Results: For 5-FU QDs optimized batch, yield (74±0.001 %), drug loading (85.58±0.08 %) and drug content (95±0.015%) were observed. FTIR spectroscopy revealed no any incompatibility between drug, polymer and metal SEM images shown drug loaded QDs with rough surface and Eudragit E PO coated QDs with smooth surface. The DSC curve of 5-FU exhibits peak at 286 °C corresponding to its melting point and Eudragit E PO coated QDs exhibit peak at 272 °C. This shifting of the endotherm suggested possible interaction of 5-FU and Eudragit E PO coated QDs. The diffractogram of pure drug showed multi-crystalline nature. However pure Eudragit E PO showed amorphous nature. Optimized QDs showed the crystalline nature of the drug. Mean particle size of optimized formulation batch was 201.92 nm and zeta potential was found+1.85 mV.

Conclusion: An Optimized batch of QDs has the potential to utilize in future for imaging of cancer cells and targeting delivery of 5-FU.



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