• Santhosh Kumar saveetha dental college, saveetha university, chennai, india
  • Roshna K Rajan


Objective: The purpose of this study is to evaluate the prevalence of various systemic diseases in oral surgery patients in south Indian population.
Methods: The study population composed of 500 randomly selected patients who reported to Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department of Saveetha
Dental College, Chennai, over a period of 3 months for various oral surgical procedures. With a standardized questionnaire, a thorough medical and
dental history was taken, and patients were grouped according to the system involved. Data collected were statistically analyzed and results obtained.
Results: Out of 500 patients, 264 (52.8%) were medically compromised with a higher prevalence of diabetes mellitus (38.85) followed by hypertension
(32.2%), gastritis (6.65), and asthma (5.2%). The results were statistically significant.
Conclusion: The prevalence of systemic diseases in oral surgery patients is high; therefore, a thorough history taking and careful clinical examination
is mandatory before commencing any dental treatment. This will lead to identifying patients with underlying medical condition and will not only
result in modifying dental treatment but also most importantly instituting appropriate management. Medically compromised patients will be on
multiple drug therapy, and dentists must be aware of these drugs and their interactions when they prescribe medications for oral surgical procedures.
Keywords: Prevalence, Systemic diseases, Oral surgery, Medical conditions.

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Santhosh Kumar, saveetha dental college, saveetha university, chennai, india

oral and maxillofacial surgery



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