Community-level stigma and discrimination towards people living with HIV is found all over the world, with people forced to leave their home, change their daily activities such as shopping, socializing or schooling, face rejection and verbal and physical abuse. The objective of the study was to assess the HIV/AIDS stigma among the general public. Quantitative approach  and descriptive research design was adopted for the  present study. The study was conducted in Vallancherry a selected rural village of Kattankulathur . The sample size for the present study was 300. Three point rating scale  was used to assess the HIV/STIGMA and discrimination.

The present study findings revealed that among 300 samples none of them reported severe stigma ,50 (16.7%)  participants reported moderate stigma and 250 (83.3%)  participants reported  low stigma. Stigma blocks access to HIV testing and treatment services, making onwards transmission more likely. The removal of barriers to these services is key to end the global HIV epidemic.

Key Words : HIV, AIDS, Stigma, Discrimination, Rejection

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