• GIRISH K Postgraduate Department of Microbiology, Maharani’s Science College for Women, JLB Road, Mysuru – 570 005, India


Herbal drugs are the potential sources of therapeutic aid for the treatment and prevention of number of ailments as recognized very early by Ayurveda,
Unani, and traditional folk - medical practitioners. The rich biodiversity of plants makes them a treasure house for obtaining new and novel compounds
either themselves as drugs or lead molecules for drugs with different mechanisms of action. Lantana camara L. belonging to the family Verbenaceae
and universally known as wild or red sage is the most widespread species of the genus. It occurs in most parts of the world as an evergreen notorious
weed species. It is also considered as an ornamental garden plant. It is widely used in different traditional medical practices for treating various health
problems. Different parts of the plant are used in treating various human ailments. The plant extracts and essential oil of L. camara possess various
bioactivities including antimicrobial activities. The therapeutic potential of the plant is due to the occurrence of many bioactive phytocompounds. In
last decade, scientists and researchers around the globe have elaborately studied the chemical composition of the whole plant of L. camara as well as
its biological activities. This article reviews the antimicrobial activities of L. camara.
Keywords: Antimicrobial activities, Essential oils, Nanoparticles, Lantana camara, Solvent extracts.

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GIRISH K, Postgraduate Department of Microbiology, Maharani’s Science College for Women, JLB Road, Mysuru – 570 005, India

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Postgraduate Department of Microbiology


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