• Pankaj Kumar Jha
  • Gunjan Kumar Mandal


Objective: To study the  association of the two endocrinal disorders (Diabetes mellitus and thyroid disease) in randomly selected geriatric patients.

Method: The study includes 80 patients in geriatric age groups with type 2 diabetes mellitus visiting the Medicine out patients department. Thyroid profile were assayed  in type 2 diabetic patients.

Results: It was noted that thyroid dysfunction was prevalent in 41(51.25%)  out of the 80 geriatric age group patients with 31(38.75%) being hypothyroidism, 7 (8.7%) having subclinical hypothyroidism and 3 (3.7%) having a hyperthyroid state.

Conclusion: The study shows that screening should be strongly recommended for all type 2 diabetics to rule out thyroid dysfunction in patients with increasing age.

Keywords: Thyroid profile, Geriatric patients, Diabetes mellitus.



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