Jahidul Islam Mohammad, Sridevi Chigurupati, Azli Shahril Othman, Muhammad Zahid Iqbal



 Most overwhelming complications of Type 1 diabetes mellitus patients are responsible for complications related to the microvascular system most likely with kidney. In the kidney, hyperglycemia induced microangiopathy resulting not only thickening of the glomerular capillary basement membrane but also to the proliferation of the mesangial matrix and solidifying of the tubular basement membrane. Several biochemical and pathological, factors are concerned for the development of diabetic renal microangiopathy. These include the glomerular hyperperfusion and hyperfiltration, transformed morphology of podocytes accompanies these basement membrane modifications, Type IV collagen augmented synthesis following the hyperglycemia, and increased expression of tissue matrix metalloproteinase. The aim of this case review is to highlight the recent advances in understanding the pathogenesis, diagnosis, the overview and the potential renoprotective therapeutic agents that would prevent the development or the progression of diabetic nephropathy.


Type 1 diabetesmellitus, Albuminuria, Diabetic nephropathy.

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Clinical Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacology


Type 1 diabetesmellitus, Albuminuria, Diabetic nephropathy.





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Jahidul Islam Mohammad
Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences, CUCMS, Cyberjaya, 63000, Malaysia.

Sridevi Chigurupati
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, AIMST University, Semeling, 08100 Bedong, Kedah, Malaysia.

Azli Shahril Othman
Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences, CUCMS, Cyberjaya, 63000, Malaysia.

Muhammad Zahid Iqbal
Department of Clinical Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, AIMST University, Semeling, 08100 Bedong, Kedah, Malaysia.

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