• Michael Evanjaline R Department of Botany, Ethnopharmacology Unit, V.O. Chidambaram College, Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, India.
  • Mohan Vr Department of Botany, Ethnopharmacology Unit, V.O. Chidambaram College, Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, India.



Caralluma, Bioactive compound, Betulin, Nil, Nil


Objective: The aim of this study was to carry out Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectroscopy (GC–MS) studies and to determine the bioactive compounds of Caralluma umbellata whole plant extract.

Methods: Whole plant of C. umbellata was cleaned, shade dried, and pulverized to powder in a mechanical grinder. Required quantity of powder sample was weighed and transferred to stoppered flask separately and treated with ethanol until the powder is fully immersed. The flask was shaken every hour for the first 6 h and then it was kept aside and again shaken after 24 h. This process was repeated for 3 days and then the extracts were filtered. The extracts were collected and evaporated to dryness using vacuum distillation unit.

Results: A total of 29 components of C. umbellata whole plant were identified. The prevailing components in the ethanol extract of whole plant were betulin (16.11%), campesterol (11.69%), 5α-Ergost-8(14)-ene (10.16%), 5-androsten-17α-ethynyl-3β, 17β-diol (9.06%), β-sitosterol (8.17%), cholestane-3,7,12,25-tetrol, tetraacetate (3α,5β,7α,12α) (7.94%), β-amyrin (7.02%), stigmasterol (6.78%), 13,16-octadecadiynoic acid, methyl ester (3.53%), lanosterol (3.51%), trans-geranylgeraniol (3.25%), Vitamin E (2.90%) and retinol, acetate (2.81%).

Conclusion: The application of C. umbellata for various ailments is confirmed by the presence of various bioactive compounds by traditional practitioners.


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