• KARNATI V CHANDANA Department of Pharmaceutics, JSS College of Pharmacy, JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research, Sri Shivarathreeshwara Nagara, Mysuru, Karnataka, India.
  • N. VISHAL GUPTA Department of Pharmaceutics, JSS College of Pharmacy, JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research, Sri Shivarathreeshwara Nagara, Mysuru, Karnataka, India.
  • SANDEEP KANNA Department of Pharmaceutics, JSS College of Pharmacy, JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research, Sri Shivarathreeshwara Nagara, Mysuru, Karnataka, India.



Nano structured lipid carriers,, Solid lipid nanoparticles,, Solid lipids,, Liquid lipids


By the modification of solid-lipid nanoparticles (SLNs), the nano-structured lipid carriers (NLCs) were obtained by the modification of nanostructured that hold the qualities of the SLN, increases the stability of the drug, and prevents drug leakage. The limitations of the drugs that are delivered in the body using different routes are poor solvency, first pass metabolism, and poor bioavailability hence to overcome these limitations NLCs were prepared. Oral, topical, transdermal, ocular, and parenteral are the different routes through which nanobased systems are delivered. Spatially incompatible liquid lipids and solid lipids are blended and NLCs were prepared. It stays solid at room temperature. The advantages of for drug therapy over conventional carriers NLCs are increased solubility, improved bioavailability. This review describes about the NLC, its advantages and disadvantages, types, NLC techniques, mode of action, and applications of NLC. Imperfect, amorphous, and multiple types are the main three types of NLCs. Lipids, liquid lipids, solid lipids, Emulsifiers, ultraviolet (UV) blockers, and aqueous medium were the excipients used. Microemulsion technique, microemulsion based SLN/NLC preparations, solvent diffusion method, high-pressure homogenization (HPH), hot and cold homogenization techniques, and melt emulsification method are the techniques used for the preparation of NLC. The applications of NLCs are for ocular, brain targeting, topical, cancer therapy, cosmetics, and analgesia.


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