Design and Formulation Development of Fast Dissolving Tablets of Ibuprofen Using Novel Natural Superdisintegrant

  • chandra sekhar assistant professor


To evaluate fast dissolving tablets for Ibuprofen employing with novel superdisintegrant using ocimum gratissimum mucilage by using 23factorial design. ocimum gratissimum mucilage was extracted by seeds and the physical, chemical and micromeritic studies were evaluated. To estabish fast dissolving tablets of Ibuprofen with ocimum gratissimum mucilage as a superdisinitegrant in different ratios by using direct compression method employing 23 factorial design. All the fast dissolving tablets were evaluated pre compression and post compression parameters like dissolution efficiency(DE%) percent of drug dissolved at 5 min (PD5). The ocimum gratissimum mucilage was to be found fine,free flowing crystaline powder and excellent  swelling nature in all sutable solvents & buffers . The FTIR and DSC studies were indicated to no interactions between Ibuprofen and ocimum gratissimum mucilage. All the formulation batches shows good quality with regradto drug content (98.05±0.31to 99.85±0.65)hardness(3.5±0.06to 3.5±0.06)friability (0.12±0.013to 0.14±0.021). The optimized formulation batch shows less disintegrant time (30±0.06). The In–Vitro wetting time was less (i.e., 90s) in optimized formulation F2. The water absorption ratio of the formulated tablets was found to be in the range of (99±0.56). The cumulative drug dissolved in the optimized formulation F2 was found to be ( 99%) in 10 min.

Ocimum gratissimum mucilage was found to be a super disintegrant which enhanced the dissolution efficiency when combined with Crospovidone, croscarmellose sodium, and hence it could be used in the formulation of fast dissolving tablets to provide immediate release of the contained drug within 5 min.

Keywords: Optimization,fast dissolving,superdisintegrant
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