• Vanita Kanase Oriental college of pharmacy,
  • Deepali Mane m. pharmacy student


BACKGROUND: The purpose of the present study was aimed at evaluating the antipyretic and  antiulcer activity on leaves of Alstonia scholaris L. (Family Apocynaceae) on Albino Wistar rats. The antipyretic & antiulcer activity of the ethanolic extract of theAlstonia scholarisL. leaves in three different concentrations (50, 100 and 200 mg/kg) were compared with standard Paracetamol &Pantoprazole, which was evaluated by employing Brewer’sYeast-induced pyrexia &ethanol-induced ulcer model. The Biochemical parameters like the volume of gastric juice secretion, pH, total acidity, ulcer index, percentage protection& lipid peroxidation were also studied.

Materials and method: Alstonia scholaris leaves was extracted with ethanol by soxhlet extraction method. The dried extract was used for further phytochemical and pharmacological analysis. The antipyretic effect was studied using Brewer՚s yeast induced pyrexia. The Ethanol induced ulcer model was used to study the antiulcer effect.

RESULT: The percentage yield of Ethanolic extract of Alstonia scholarisleaves were 15.81%w/w respectively. The extract showed significant antipyretic and antiulcer effect when compared with standard paracetamol and pantoprazole.

CONCLUSION: The ethanolic extract of Alstonia scholarishas significant antipyretic and antiulcer activity.

Keywords: Alstonia scholaris L., antipyretic, antiulcer activity, ethanol-induced ulcer, ulcer index

Author Biography

Vanita Kanase, Oriental college of pharmacy,
Pharmacology department


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