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The use of organic or herbal compounds are increasing day by day as more people are turning themselves into a sustainable mode of healthcare. As per the on-going conditions mangroves does form a vital link with the human-ecosystem interaction. The medicinal use of mangroves hasn’t been exploited commercially like that of the common terrestrial ones but mangroves plays a very important functional role in the pharmacology too. Pharyngitis is a pain or infection in the throat, it can be also termed as the inflammation of pharynx, and it is often accompanied by infections such as flu or cold.It is found that the most cases of infection is due to either viral or bacterial infection. M proteins was the protein associated with the cause of such disease. Other common causes of pharyngitis include allergies, trauma, cancer, reflux and certain toxins. In this the Bruguieragymnorrhizawas studied using in-silico methods to find out the efficiency for being used an effective drug and the results were also positive as the compound  2-Methoxy-4-Vinylphenol; 7786-61-0; 4-Vinylguaiaco from the plant sample showed an significant G. score of -7.2Kcal/mol. Other potent compound were 2-furancarboxaldehyde, 5-(hydroxymethyl)-, oxime. These interactions of these compounds were then analyzed using Pymol.

Keywords: Mangroves, In-silico, Pharyngitis, Bruguiera, M-protein


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