• VENKATASWAMY R Department of Pharmaceutics, The Oxford College of Pharmacy, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.
  • LAVANYA NALLAGUNTLA Department of Pharmaceutics, The Oxford College of Pharmacy, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.



Pulsatile drug delivery system, Press-coated, Methodologies, Marketed technologies, Biological rhythm


Pulsatile drug delivery systems (PDDS) are acquiring a lot of interest as they deliver the medication at the perfect place at the perfect time and in the perfect amount, subsequently giving spatial and transient delivery and increasing patient consistency. These systems are designed by the circadian rhythm of the body. The primary reasoning for the utilization of pulsatile arrival of the medications is the place where a consistent medication release is not desired. A pulse must be planned so that a complete and rapid medication release is accomplished after the lag time. A different system such as capsular system, osmotic system, single-and multiple unit system dependent on the utilization of soluble or erodible polymer coating, and the utilization of rupturable films has been managed in the article. It sums up the most recent technology development, formulation parameter, and delivery profiles of this system. PDDS is helpful for the medications having chronopharmacological conduct where night-time dosing is required, such as anti-arrhythmic, anti-ulcerative, and anti-asthmatic, and so on The momentum survey article talked about the explanations behind the advancement of the PDDS, benefits, limitation, mechanism of medication release, need for pulsatile drug delivery, a disease that requires pulsatile technology, classification, and future parts of PDDS.


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