• S. Prasanthi Department of Pharmaceutics, Annamacharya College Of Pharmacy, New Boyanapalli, Rajampet-516126, A.P, India
  • M. Vidyavathi Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology, Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam,Tirupathi-517502.A.P.,India



Valsartan, Natural polymers, OBM, In situ floating gel, Buoyancy studies, 3 Level full factorial design


Objective: Currently natural polymers have wide spread importance in fabrication of controlled drug delivery systems. Hence in this study ocimum basilicum mucilage, (OBM) a natural polymer used to know its effect as polymer alone and in combination with HPMC K15M and Guargum in oral in situ floating gel of Valsartan using 3 full level factorial design.

Methods: FTIR studies conducted to know major drug polymer interactions. OBM, HPMC K15M and Guargum were chosen as three independent variables and examined at 3 levels for in vitro buoyancy (Y1) and drug release at 10 h (Y2) as responses. By using mathematical model approach formulation variables were quantitatively evaluated, and optimized formulation (VFIG) subjected for in vitro buoyancy, density, pH, in vitro drug release, drug content, gelling capacity and drug release kinetics. In addition VFIG studied for In vivo buoyancy and release kinetics.

Results: FTIR studies revealed that excipients were compatible with drug. ANOVA results shown that independent variables have significant effect (p<0.05) on both the responses. Observed responses of optimized formulation (3 % OBM, 0.88 % HPMC and 1.25 % Guar gum) were in good agreement with the experimental values. Results of all in vitro evaluations lies within the limits and drug release kinetics followed non-fickian diffusion mechanism. In vivo buoyancy study in rabbit evidenced floatation for>8 h and in vivo pharmacokinetic study exhibited increased bioavailability of optimized formulation.

Conclusion: Prepared VFIG with optimized concentrations of OBM, HPMC K15M and Guargum exploiting as a promising dosage form for enhanced gastric delivery.


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