Shivani Bhardwaj, Rajnesh K Sharma


Objective: Protective effects of Tribulus terrestris (TT) and vitamin C were studied against permethrin induced changes in the histoarchitecture of goat testis.

Methods: Hydroalcoholic extract of the fruits of Tribulus terrestris was prepared by maceration method and the extractive value was calculated. Fresh stock solution of permethrin (1mg/ml) in dimethyl sulphoxide and Tribulus terrestris (1mg/ml) in distilled water were prepared. Testicular tissues were cultured in TCM-199 nutrition media at 39℃ with 95% humidity and 5% CO₂ in the CO₂ incubator. Cultured testicular tissue was grouped as control having only the nutritive media, experimental group I(EI) received two doses of permethrin (100µg/ml and 200µg/ml), experimental group II(EII) was administered doses of permethrin along with vitamin C(0.1µM/ml) and experimental group III(EIII) was supplemented with doses of permethrin along with Tribulus terrestris (100µg/ml). All the groups were tested for 4 hr. and 8hr. for histoarcitectural studies.

Results: Histological alterations were observed such as distorted shape of seminiferous tubules, decreased luminal and interstitial space, reduction in the population of spermatocytes, spermatozoa and spermatids in treated (E1) group as compared to control group. Maximum damage was detected at a higher dose of permethrin (200µg/ml) for 8h in contrast to lower doses (100 4h and 8h). Thus, it is concluded that permethrin has both dose and time-dependent effects. Protective groups (E2 and E3) imparted ameliorative effects by reestablishing shape of seminiferous tubules, decreasing luminal and interstitial space, increased population of spermatocyte, spermatozoa, and spermatids as compared with treated groups (E1)

Conclusion: It has been reported that permethrin affects male fertility by inducing detrimental changes in the structure and function of seminiferous tubules. Both vitamin C and TT have the ability to mitigate the effect of pesticide. TT shows aphrodisiac activity against permethrin induced alterations in goat testis.


Permethrin, Histoarchitecture of goat testis, Tribulus terrestris, Vitamin C

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Permethrin, Histoarchitecture of goat testis, Tribulus terrestris, Vitamin C





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Shivani Bhardwaj
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Reproductive Physiology Lab. Department of Zoology, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra 136119

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