• Affo Dermane Department of Pharmacy, Universite de Lome, Togo,
  • Kafui Kpegba Laboratory of Organic Chemistry and Natural Substances, Universite de Lome, Togo
  • Kossi Metowogo Laboratory of Physiology-Pharmacology, Universite de Lomé, Togo
  • M. Kossi Joppa Laboratory of Physiology-Pharmacology, Universite de Lomé, Togo
  • A. Kodjo Aklikokou Laboratory of Physiology-Pharmacology, Universite de Lomé, Togo


Objective: This study aims to evaluate the fractions from whole extracts of roots and stem barks of Newbouldia laevis and their effect on sickling.

Methods: Hydroethanolic extracts of stem barks and roots of Newbouldia laevis were fractionated by the technics of cold precipitation in ethanol. The fractions obtained after phytochemical screening were subjected to Emmel test to evaluate their anti-sickling activity. Active fractions were tested for DPPH and AAPH assay (AAPH induced membrane lipoperoxidation and evaluation of reduction of hemolysis).

Results: Two fractions were obtained from each whole extract: supernatant and pellet fractions. Supernatants fractions obtained from whole roots barks extract and stem barks extract at a concentration of 30 mg/ml reduced sickling up respectively to 7% and 10% against 86% for the control. Pellets fractions obtained from the both extracts induced coagulation of SS blood at 30 mg/ml against 86% for the control.

Conclusion: Supernatants fractions of hydroethanolic whole extract of roots and stem backs of Newbouldia laevis promise as the potential source of active molecules against sickle cell disease.

Keywords: Sickling, supernatant fraction, Newbouldia laevis, sickle cell disease, SS genotype


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