• KANCHAN JAMKAR Department of Pharmaceutics, SGRS College of Pharmacy, Saswad Pune
  • SWATI MUTHA Department of Pharmaceutics, SGRS College of Pharmacy, Saswad Pune
  • SHARWAREE HARDIKAR Department of Pharmaceutics, Allana College of Pharmacy, Pune
  • NIKHIL KUMBHAR Department of Pharmaceutics, Allana College of Pharmacy, Pune


Objective: To develop and evaluate the mucoadhesive microsphere using combinations of natural polymers chitosan and xanthan gum for sustained release.

Methods: In the present work mucoadhesive microspheres were prepared by using natural polymers like chitosan and xanthan gum by using the emulsion chemical cross-linking method. Chemical cross-linking was done by using glutaraldehyde. The 22 factorial design was employed to show the effect of cross-linking agent and processing factor-like stirring and speed. Prepared microspheres were evaluated for their particle size, surface morphology, drug entrapment efficiency, in vitro drug release, swelling index, and mucoadhesive strength.

Results: The size of microspheres of factorial batches were in the range of 26-46 µm. The swelling index was showed in the range of 1.51-1.66 percentage. The equation of multiple regression revealed that there was significant interaction among factors. The glutaraldehyde concentration had a positive effect on % entrapment efficiency, % cumulative drug release and % mucoadhesion. Stirring speed showed a negative impact on % entrapment efficiency, % cumulative drug release and % mucoadhesion. The interactive effect of glutaraldehyde concentration and the stirring speed was found to be positive for % entrapment efficiency and % cumulative drug release. In vitro drug release study of optimized formulation F2 show 96 % of drug release with 6 h indicating sustained release behavior with diffusion mechanism. The SEM image of the optimized batch was spherical with a porous surface.

Conclusion: The results obtained in this research work indicated that a promising potential of chitosan and xanthan gum combination for the preparation of the mucoadhesive microsphere of Racecadotril.

Keywords: Chitosan, Xanthan gum, Racecadotril, Mucoadhesive microsphere, Natural polymer


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