• Ranjit Prasad Swain Maharajah's College of Pharmacy
  • P. Satish
  • B. B. Subudhi
  • Satyajit Panda


Objective: The present study aimed to formulate, develop and optimize orodispersible tablets of ibuprofen.

Methods: Orodispersible tablets were prepared by direct compression technique using crospovidone, sodium starch glycolate, croscaramelose sodium, sodium carboxy methylcellulose as superdisintegrants at concentrations of 5, 7.5 and 10% w/w and mannitol used as diluent. The prepared powder mixtures are subjected to pre compression parameters including FTIR spectroscopy, DSC and micromeritics. The formulations were evaluated for tablet weight variation, hardness, friability, wetting time, absorption ratio, drug content, in vitro dispersion time, in vitro disintegration time and in vitro drug release studies.

Results: The results of micromeritics studies revealed that all formulations were of acceptable to good flowability. Crospovidone at 10% w/w concentration (F3) showed the least in vitro disintegration time 38 seconds with acceptable hardness 3.93 kg/cm3, friability 0.652% and good dissolution profile (D5 min = 95.89%) in comparison with control (D5 min = 18.29%). The optimized formulation showed t90% drug release at 2.6 minutes. The FTIR and DSC studies were done for the optimized formula and showed no interaction between the drug and excipients.

Conclusion: It is concluded that crospovidone gives the best results at 10% w/w (F3) for formulation of orodispersible tablets of ibuprofen with better pharmaceutical properties.

Keywords: Orodispersible, Ibuprofen, Superdisintegrant, Crosspovidone, Direct compression


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Ranjit Prasad Swain, Maharajah's College of Pharmacy
Asst. Prof, Department of pharmaceutical technology


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