• Md. Torequl Islam Northeast Biotechnology Network (RENORBIO), Post-Graduation Program in Biotechnology, Federal University of Piauí, 64.049-550, Teresina, Brazil
  • MÁrcia Fernanda Correia Jardim Paz
  • Baharul Islam
  • Marcus VinÍcius Oliveira Barros De Alenc
  • Ana AmÉlia De Carvalho Melo-cavalcante


Extraction is a process of preparation of extracts from biological materials (plant/animal/microorganism) in the essence of drug discovery and development scienticism. This writing is aimed at proposing a new, rapid, economical and easy extraction method, Maceration-Vortex-Technique (MVT). For this 2-5 g of powdered materials is sucked into 5-10 ml of solvent recommended for extraction. A cleaned, small amber-colored glass bottle of 20-25 ml capacity is needed for this purpose. Powdered materials are mixed with the solvent, then followed by shaking vigorously; shaken for 1.5-2 h and vortexed for 5 min. The extract is collected by immediate filtration through filter paper (Whatmann no. 1) and allowed for concentration and/or solvent partitioning. The MVT allows a 3 h extraction of plant materials. A small amount of extraction material is needed along with a small quantity of solvent which is a marker for the economy of this extraction process. In conclusion, rapidity in the extraction process is the rapidity in the screening process of biological materials. The MVT may be one of the speediest and most economical extraction processes.

Keywords: Extraction, Maceration-Vortex-Technique, New method, Phyto-pharmacological screening

Keywords: discovery, extraction, Maceration-Vortex-Technique, new method, phyto-pharmacological screening.


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Islam, M. T., M. F. C. Jardim Paz, B. Islam, M. V. O. B. De Alenc, and A. A. D. C. Melo-cavalcante. “MACERATION-VORTEX-TECHNIQUE (MVT), A RAPID AND NEW EXTRACTION METHOD IN PHYTO-PHARMACOLOGICAL SCREENING”. International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vol. 8, no. 6, Apr. 2016, pp. 1-3,
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