• Md. Torequl Islam Northest Biotechnology Network (RENORBIO), Post-graduation Program in Biotechnology, Federal University of Piauí, 64.049-550, Teresina, Brazil
  • Baharul Islam
  • Marcus VinÍcius Oliveira Barros De Alenc
  • MÁrcia Fernanda Correia Jardim Paz
  • Ana AmÉlia De Carvalho Melo-cavalcante


Objective: This writing aims to introduce new antimicrobial test apparatus called Canal Dish (CD), theoretically.

Methods: We have designed two types of CD such as Circular CD (CCD) and Square CD (SCD). Internally, the CCD is a 80 mm diameter circular while the SCD is a 80×80 mm square CD plate. Both of them contain 2(40×2) mm parallel travelling canals from the each CD-centre having radius of 3 mm. Canals are 6 mm in depth.

Results: The features of CCD and SCD indicate possible allowance of various size, low media consuming, the inclusion of multiple microorganisms and/or test samples/doses, ease of handling; therefore, understanding, rapidity, and economy.

Conclusion: CD may replace currently used Petri dishes due to its cost-effectiveness, rapidity, ease of handling and a wider range of applicability.

Keywords: Antimicrobial assay, Canal dish, Circular, Square, New apparatus

Keywords: antimicrobial assay, canal dish, theoretical, new apparatus.


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