For Authored book/Edited Book, following proposal is to be submitted to After its receipt, detailed information will be provided to the corresponding authors/editors.

Proposal details:-

Name of author/editor:

Name of co-authors/co-editors:

Type: Authored/Edited Book

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Subject area:

To whom it will be beneficial target:

Syllabus :

Approximate number of pages/Chapters :

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Published/unpublished book chapters (Research article/Review article) are invited for the following edited books with ISBN. Articles that have already been published in an open/restricted access journal (permission is needed from the publisher only in case of restricted access or copyright is with publisher) can also be published as a book chapter in an intact/expanded form, which is entirely legal and acceptable.

Name of Edited Book Deadlines
Recent Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Volume 1)
By: Dr. Anurekha Jain and Dr. Arun Gupta
20 April 2021-30 May 2021
Modern Perspectives in Sciences (Volume 1)
By: Dr. Jyoti Dube
20 April 2021-30 May 2021
Advancements in Technology (Volume 1)
By: (Dr.) Praveen Bhargava
20 April 2021-30 May 2021
Developments in Social Science (Volume 1)
By: Dr. Sudha Jain
20 April 2021-30 May 2021
Educational Developments (Volume 1)
By: Dr. Anamika Pandey
20 April 2021-30 May 2021
Recent Advances in Agriculture Sciences (Volume 1)
By: Dr. G S Chundawat
20 April 2021-30 May 2021
Medical & Health Sciences (Volume 1)
By: Dr. Sharad Jain
20 April 2021-30 May 2021

All the book chapters should be sent to with the name of the edited book as mention in the table.

Publication Fee

A fees of Rs. 2500 (Indian authors) and US$ 100 (Foreign authors), excluding bank charges and other applicable taxes, per chapter should paid by the authors (irrespective of number of authors in the chapter). 03 (Three) sample copy of the edited book will be provided to the Editor(s) of the edited book and 01 (one) to the corresponding author of each chapter of the book.

Practical Book of Chemical & Biochemical Preperation
(By Shefali Arora)
INR 90 or US $10

Plant Biotechnologies and Pharmaceutical Products
US $20 India or US $35 Others
Copyright Information

(By Dr. Santram Lodhi, Dr. Gautam P. Vadnere, Dr. A. V. Patil, Dr. Avijeet Jain)
$20 or US $35

Aspects of Interest in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
US $200 India or US $350 Others