• Sri Ramulu Kadilaya
  • Karthik Rao N
  • Navin Patil Assistant Professor, Department of pharmacology, KMC Manipal, Manipal university
  • Raghavendra Rao
  • Talha Ahmed
  • Anusha Venkatesh
  • George Varghese


The most common presentations of Sjogren's syndrome include dryness of eyes, oral cavity, and features of systemic scleroderma. When a patient
walks in with such classical features, it becomes easy for the clinician to diagnose and treat the patient. However, Sjogren's syndrome may present
atypically as experienced in the present case. Here, the authors present a case of Sjogren's syndrome, which presented as hypokalemic periodic palsy,
secondary to distal renal tubular acidosis.
Keywords: Scleroderma, Potassium, Sicca syndrome, Renal tubular acidosis.


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Kadilaya, S. R., K. Rao N, N. Patil, R. Rao, T. Ahmed, A. Venkatesh, and G. Varghese. “HYPOKALEMIC PERIODIC PALSY AS THE PRIMARY PRESENTATION OF SJOGREN’S SYNDROME”. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research, Vol. 9, no. 4, July 2016, pp. 9-10, https://innovareacademics.in/journals/index.php/ajpcr/article/view/12734.
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