• Himabindu Polaki
  • Nagendra Sastry.Y


Nutrients fortified beverages available in the market today, are usually in the form of flavored water, fortified juices, sweetened beverages having high calories; however with an increase in the consumer awareness about calories, there is also a demand for the nutrients fortified mineral water without sugar and flavors, so as to get the taste of original water. And, owing to health considerations, from the perspective of obesity in sweetened beverages and economic reasons for the developing countries, alternative raw materials for nutrient fortification need to be searched. Considering the above mentioned facts, water may be potential substrate and cheapest source, where the fortified nutrients will make a mark and healthy alternative for obesity and nutrient deficiency consumers. The beneficial effects of beverages with added micronutrients on human health are being increasingly promoted by health professionals. This review aims at highlighting the need for nutrients fortified mineral water.

Keywords:-Micronutrients, Health Benefits, Fortified mineral water
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