• Balaji O Post graduate , Department of Pharmacology, Kasturba Medical college , Manipal university , Manipal.
  • AMITA D Post graduate , Department of Pharmacology, Kasturba Medical college , Manipal university , Manipal.
  • BAIRY KL Professor and chairperson, Department of pharmacology, RAK college of medical sciences, RAK medical and health science university, Ras Al KhaimahUAE.




Headache, Nutraceutical, Prophylaxis, Triptans, Cortical spreading depression


Migraine characterized by recurrent headaches present with aura or without aura. Various treatment modalities ranging from 5-hydroxytryptamine 1B/1D agonists, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to steroids are available for acute treatment of migraine. Prophylaxis for chronic cases is usually with β blockers, calcium channel blockers, and antiepileptics. Even many nutraceutical preparations are helpful in migraine including riboflavin, vitamin b12. This review focuses on the newer agents available for treatment of migraine with some sight into their clinical trials.


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