Febrina Amelia Saputri, Annisa Mayangsari, Muchtaridi Muchtaridi


Objective: To obtain the optimum condition of eluent selection for purification of α-mangostin in mangosteen pericarp extract with solid phase extraction (SPE) method.

Methods: The analysis was conducted by SPE cartridge octadecylsilane (ODS)-5, solvents used were methanol for conditioning, aqua bidestilated for washing and three different eluents for eluting: methanol, ethanol and ethyl acetate.

Results: Recovery value for each eluent were 32.4741% for  methanol, 46.6130%  for ethanol and 33.6383% for ethyl acetate. Comparison of alpha-mangostin level in the mangosteen pericarp extract for each eluent i.e. 14.4578% for methanol, 10.0598%  for ethanol, and 14.2898 % for ethyl acetate while compared to the extract without SPE was 21.7934%.

Conclusion:Ethanol had the highest recovery value, compared to methanol and ethyl acetate.



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